Payment Options

In Person:
All bill payments are received at the Corporation’s Operation & Maintenance Center in Miller, South Dakota. Office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Mid-Dakota also offers the convenience of a night drop-off box located on the East side of the office building.

By Mail:

You may mail your payment to Mid-Dakota Rural Water System, using the return envelope provided with your billing statement. If the return envelope is not available, you can mail to:

Mid-Dakota Rural Water System

PO Box 318

Miller, SD 57362-0318

By Telephone:

You can make your payment over the telephone by charging it to your Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card (debit or credit) ... Please call our toll free Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system at (844) 255-3678.


      You can create a Smarthub Acct by clicking on Smarthub icon

Clicking on SmartHub icon will allow you to make your first time payments and set up recurring payments.  Here you can also view bills and your past history.


If you prefer to pay your bill without registering, you can click HERE

or go to


Arranged Payment:

Mid-Dakota accepts payment(s) either through an automatic payment program (see automatic payments below) or through a creditable third party bill paying service (see forms of payment below).

Mid-Dakota accepts the following methods for payment of amounts due: 

  • Cash
  • Personal check

  • Business check

  • Bank drafts (usually associated with an automatic payment plan)

  • Visa, MasterCard & Discover Debit/Credit Card

  • Third party arrangement e.g., bill paying service

Automatic Payments:
You can save time and sign up for Mid-Dakota’s convenient automatic payment program. This plan allows Mid-Dakota to electronically deduct your monthly payment from your checking account or savings account. To enroll in the program please contact us at 1-800-439-3079 or you can choose our online bill paying option at and sign up for automatic payments. You can also choose to have your payment made automatically by debit or credit card, through either of the aforementioned methods.